Wild robo factory


Wild Robo Factory is a colorful flash game that is based on the hit television series, The Wild Rooster. The game plays like a traditional slots game where you have to select your machines and place your bet. You will be able to choose from a variety of wild animals like foxes, raccoons, bunnies, and chickens to name a few. When wild robo eggs spin in the slot machine, they open up to reveal their golden ticket. If you hit the jackpot, you win!

Wild Robo Factory slots game offers quality reel spinning coupled with amazing graphics and an exciting story. Each machine in this game contains 12 mechanical servants that work for you. Select the right animals and win the jackpot. In this game, you have to guide the mechanical servants to their different destinations to collect all the wild robo eggs that have been deposited. These mechanical pets can also unlock random upgrades and random reels and lead the way into bonus spins and wild modifications. Along the way, these adorable little mechanical servants steal away your money!

There are two versions to this slot machine game. The first one is “The Ultimate Roboquadrome” which contains animated video screens and has three different game variations. The second version is “Carmichael’s Wild Rooster Slots” that features six different variations of the wild robo factory game including “Millionaire”, “Lucky Seven”, “Dawn of Machines”, and “High Roller”. Each version features unique electronic sounds and lightning fast reels, and the animals behave differently. These toys have become collectible items and are sold at a premium price.