Golden chip roulette


Golden chip roulette, also known simply as the ‘chip’ is one of the most popular casino games around, with players as far and wide as in any other part of the world. The appeal of the game is its simplicity, and that simplicity is what makes it so popular, especially with new players. In fact, the golden rule of gambling, is to take risks – and the ‘chip’ is no exception. But, with that risks come great rewards – if you play your cards right.

Golden chip roulette is simply a mobile-friendly game, and like all the best casino games, once you’ve got your basics down you’re off and looking at big wins. Put your bets in the slot machine, or wherever else you’re allowed by the casino, and spin the reels. Put your bets in just the exact spots where they make the maximum or the least amount of money, and then – bingo! You’re away and have won!

While all this is going on, there are a few multipliers that can increase your earnings. A’reward value’, or a number added up by the casino, is used to add up the odds of a win; if a bet pays out double or triple a usual win, then that particular bet has an increased payout. Similarly, a tenx multiplier, which multiplies the odds on a single spin of the wheel, can boost your earnings.